Monday, March 21, 2011

CSN Stores...A Review for You!

So, did you guess what item I chose to review from CSNstores.com?

I chose a Le Creuset 9 inch iron skillet in the beautiful color Caribbean...oooh pretty!

In the past few months we have been slowly changing out all our pans and skillets with the non-stick coating to cast iron as they are supposed to be much better for you to cook upon.  This review came at the perfect time.  

I have to say I absolutely love the Le Creuset brand.  We have a few other pieces from the Caribbean collection and they really are worth the extra money.  

I wanted to review the 9 inch skillet because I thought it could replace our non-stick teflon coated omelette pan that we use everyday.  I've heard from many people that eggs and cast iron do not go well together as the eggs stick like crazy to the pan and are a pain in the behind to clean...not so with this Le Creuset pan.  The Le Creuset iron skillets are made of enamaled cast iron so the sticking is really minimal if any at all.  

Hear let me show you...

My husband makes eggs every morning for all of us...the kids love them scrambled, sunny-side up and even in the form of a veggie omelette!  

The first thing you need to do with any cast iron skillet is grease the pan well!  We use an olive oil cooking spray but you could also use olive oil or butter.

Heat your pan on Medium to Medium low...no hotter or you'll ruin your pan!!  Then add in your veggies, we like to to start by using a frozen bell pepper mix from Trader Joe's.

Then, mix up your eggs and add in your salt and pepper.

While your frozen bell peppers are thawing in the skillet, add in whatever else sound yummy to you...tomatoes, onion and jalapeno peppers anyone? 

Once your veggies are cooked thoroughly, add in you eggs...

Remember to cook on a MEDIUM flame...no hotter!!

When your eggs are only slightly wet on top it's time to flip them over!

Then sprinkle on the cheese of your choice.

Once the cheese is nice and melt-y you can flip that baby out!  

Do you see how nothing sticks!!  Awesome right!?!

I highly recommend a Le Creuset cast iron skillet if you are thinking of switching to cast iron.  We make everything in this, really!  Chicken, rice, taco meat, sloppy joes, grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes...you name it we've probably cooked it in here and with ease!  

Oh, and more thing...this pan really heats evenly which is hard to come by in other cooking brands, trust me on this one.  The only negative thing I could really come up with regarding this skillet is that the handle gets very hot...so please use a oven mitt or towel when touching or you will not be very happy...but if you cook at all you are used to hot pans, right?!  

**To wash you skillet, let it cool down to room temperature first.  Then wash with soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge.  If you do get some sticking, just soak it overnight and the next day it will come off with minimal muscle power from you...AWESOME!



  1. Love the review and the fact that we also got a tutorial on how to make a veggie omelet! Thanks Maggie!

  2. My husband and I love our cast iron, but ours isnt blue. Its the old time kind. Man, things are a changing so fast. Thanks for the review, I will have to look into these.

  3. Thanks for the review, I have a cast iron pan, but it intimidates me, maybe now I will break it out and try it.

  4. The colour is so lovely! I wish I had one of those in my kitchen.

    About enameled cast iron and eggs: from what I've heard, once you've baked eggs in it, the pan would only be suitable for eggs and such because after that, meat will stick to the pan a lot. But I understand you don't have any problems with that? That's really good to know :).

  5. What a pretty pan! And you are a genius for mixing up your eggs in a glass. I think we have the same ones (from Ikea, no?).

  6. I love the color of this pan! I have an old cast iron that I rarely used but now I am inspired to bust it out! Thanks

  7. @Kat-Affirmative! We cook eggs and lots o'meat products and never have any sticking issues with this skillet...I really think heating the pan first, then greasing with the 'grease' of your choice before cooking is key!!
    @Emily-Yessiree, those glasses are a la Ikea...love that place!!


  8. Maggie! Awesome skillet! Would match my kitchen! Love the photos!

    A. Aranyosi


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